Facing Challenges In Your Logistics Center?

  • S02 icon Increased Labor Costs

    Increased Labor Costs

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    Large Volume Sorting Workload

  • S02 icon Limited and Complex Indoor Layout

    Seasonal Package Volume

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    Low Sorting Efficiency

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    Poor Sorting Accuracy

  • S02 icon Seasonal Package Volume

    Limited and Complex Indoor Layout

We Offer The Way Out: Solutions Of Building A Modern Distribution Centre

With a world where all the goods are moving faster than ever, the logistics industry has been witnessing a surge of package volume and a constantly rising customer expectation. A parcel goes through a great many steps on its journey from sender to recipient – from unloading, delivering and recognition all the way to sorting. Speed and efficiency are the name of the game. Yet problems arise when weak points in the process slow things down.

ConfirmWare sortation systems offer smart solutions to improve productivity, throughput capacity, and accountability for distributors, leading retailers, parcel, 3PL, E-commerce platforms and other distributors requiring rapid, accurate, and cost-effective product handling.


Linear Sorter

According to customers’ different sorting requirements, ConfirmWare provides two kinds of linear sorting products with different sorting forms, namely linear rotary sorter and high-speed linear cross belt type.

Single layer linear cross belt sorter Double-layer linear cross belt sorter Linear Rotary Sorter View Details

Warehouse Sorting System

The warehouse sorting system comprises an infeeding system, a tilt-tray sorting system, and a conveying and transferring system.

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Circular Cross Belt Sorting System 01

Cross Belt Sorter

ConfirmWare cross belt sorter system can be designed in linear and loop configurations, tackling heavy tasks in logistics sorting center, helping to cut down labor cost, increase sorting accuracy and boost sorting efficiency.

Loop Type Cross Belt Sorter View Details

Tilt Tray Sorter

It is a kind of automatic sorting device through tilting tray to achieve goods sorting. Its core advantage is that it can smoothly and reliably deal with cylindrical, spherical and other irregular parcels that cross belt can not deal with.

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tilt tray soter


ConfirmWare has taken product, venue and degree of automation into consideration to customize the best conveying and sorting solutions, including all corollary equipments.

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Customized And Flexible Sorter At Its Best

From the very beginning of designing the project, we take your everyday sorting task the first priority. Our experts need will listen to you for a thorough understanding of your needs.

When customizing your own parcel sorting system, feel free to talk to us about:

  • • The industry you are specializing in
  • • Package styles to be sorted
  • • Expected sorting capacity
  • • Everyday throughput in your center
  • • The indoor layout of your center
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