Other Equipments

ConfirmWare integrate all equipments and accessories of the hole automatic conveying and sorting lines, providing customized solutions for our customers.

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other equipments


  • Expansion Belt Conveyor
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Turning Belt Conveyor
Expansion Belt Conveyor

Expansion Belt Conveyor

The expansion belt conveyor is mainly used in the conveying system for material warehouse entry/exit and truck loading and unloading. Designed with an expansion mechanism on the basis of an ordinary belt conveyor, it makes free belt expansion as required possible. The conveyor is further equipped with a hoisting mechanism. The belt connector height can be adjusted as required.


Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor is used for conveying of goods in the warehousing and logistics system, the belt conveyor can be driven by motor or motor roller. With modular installation realizable, it’s simply structured and easy to maintain.

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Turning Belt Conveyor

Often used for turning of goods in the conveying system, the turning belt conveyor can offer two-way material conveying, to be used together with other conveying equipment and material sorting systems.

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