Intelligent Intralogistics Sorting System

The intelligent intralogistics sorting system consists of a parcel infeeding system, a sorting system, and a pop-up transfer system, of which the parcel infeeding system has the functions of scanning and weighing, supports six-side scanning, and is equipped with a detect on and correction system to achieve accurate infeedina. The sorter comprises multiple hinge structure trays. In the form of continuous annular conveying, and driven by a linear motor, the trays loaded with goods are transported to the corresponding posit on and then tilted. It is especially suitable for intralogistics sorting in e-commerce, factories, and other businesses that require one order contained multiple items or the consolidation of orders by wave.

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Highlights of Intelligent Intralogistics Sorting System

  • S04 icon Versatile

    Suitable for Sorting Goods of Various Shapes

    The tray transport goods is suitable for sorting goods of various shapes, with little restrict on the shape of goods. For different types of goods, only the corresponding trays need to be replaced.

  • S04 icon Less Manpower Needed

    Sorting Flexibility

    A pneumatically tray tippling device is adopted. With multi-structure flexible cushioning design, it helps to make the sorting process gentler, effectively avoiding damage to goods.

  • S04 icon Low Maintainance

    High Scalability

    The system supports manipulator parcel infeeding and a six-side scanning system with automate deviation correction device to realize full automatic inteeding; in addition. it can be intearated with the pop-up transfer and roler convevor ine for automatic boyswitching of the outfeeding process, making it highly scalable and capable of fully automated sorting operations.

  • S07 icon Designing

    Automatic Chute Order Binding

    With the function of automatic chute order binding, it supports boxes automatic switching after order completion.

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Technical Advantages

The tilt-tray sorter can move widest mix of product shapes, sizes and materials.For different categories of products, it needs only replace the corresponding trays.

The automatic infeeding system support manipulator feeding and is equipped with six-sided scanning and an automatic deviation correction system. In addition, the sorting system can also connect with pop-up and transfer machine and roller conveyor to achieve switching material box automatically. It has strong scalability and can realize all-process unmanned picking.

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Technical Parameters

Sorting Capacity 7000PPH 5500PPH
Operating Speed 0.5-1.0m/s 0.5-1.0m/s
Tray Pitch 400mm 500mm
Maximum Product Size 300mm*250mm*200mm 400mm*350mm*250mm
Maximum Product Weight 0.1-3kg 0.1-3kg
Chute Width ≥600mm
Feeding Mode Semi-automatic product feeding (manipulator supported)
Reset Mode Mechanical reset
Misclassification Rate ≤0.03%
Noise ≤70dB

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