3D Sorter

The 3D Sorter is a three-dimensional sorting equipment that utilizes a flexible sorting system and a shelf-type bin collection chute. Trays move within the three-dimensional space, swiftly delivering items automatically to corresponding order chutes. It is easy to install, expandable, and perfectly suited for the order sorting needs of e-commerce. Ideal for order picking and returns sorting in small to medium-sized e-commerce warehousing.

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  • S07 icon Manufacturing

    Reliable sorting

    Structured with a steel frame, driven by servo motors, ensuring stable operation and high sorting accuracy without the need for manual verification

  • S07 icon Standardized Workflow

    High space utilization

    Occupies a smaller footprint for higher sorting capacity

  • S05 icon Modular Design

    Modular design

    Modular design for flexible expansion; modules can be adjusted based on site and demand, enhancing sorting capacity

  • S04 icon Versatile

    Save energy

    Independent unit modules allow dynamic adjustment of operational quantities based on order volume, contributing to energy savings for companies

  • S04 icon Low Maintainance

    High scalability

    Customizable tray and chute specifications tailored to diverse product sorting needs in terms of size and shape

  • S05 icon Scalability

    Rapid deployment

    Complete with installation in as little as one week, with low expansion costs

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Technical Parameters

Running Speed 1-1.2m/s
Sorting Capacity(Single Modular) 600-800PPH
Max. Goods Weight 5kgs
Max. Goods Size 350mm*350mm*200mm
Goods Type Cartons, Soft Packets, Stable and Irregular Shaped Items
Chute Layer Number 1-4Layers
Chute Quantity 5 units/layer(Customizable)
Equipment Dimension L 2780mm * W 590mm * H 3055mm

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