Commissioning That Works: Troubleshooting and Debugging

Provide us with cell, ribbon and flux, and other needed materials in the debugging process, and we will take charge of the whole commissioning process.

You are responsible to place the equipment after it arrived at the designated site, including but not limited to forklift preparation, unloading, equipment placement, etc, and seller arranges engineer to guide and assist at site.

Training Program:
Know-How Transfer

Operators familiarity on machine performance speeds up the whole plant. To empower a high efficiency in your factory, our solution covers a free training program.

What you can learn from our hand-on training courses conducted by our professional engineers:

  • • Basic knowledge of automation technology
  • • Safe operation & maintaining
  • • Program installation & update
  • • Main electrical part & elimination methods of the common fault

Follow Up Production Service At Your Site

Engineer will follow up production for 20 days, from the date of equipment has been finished installation and debugging, to ensure the equipment run stably.

If engineers are need to be at site for the repairing work, the buyer should pay the engineers’ business trip expense according to seller’s charge stipulation on business expense of equipment out of warranty.

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