An ecommerce warehouse in Shanghai

Abstract: During the period from 2017 to November 11, 2019, the cross belt sorter of CONFIRMWARE Logistics was successively applied to four STO Expresscloud warehouse centers in Shanghai and Kunshan, which has been highly recognized by STO Express Logistics Co., Ltd. One set of sorting system has the largest scale (configuration: Number of Loading platform: 24; Number of chutes: 480; Number of trays: 484; Length of circular line: 290 meters); a total of 3.1 million packages were processed during the week of Double-11 period in 2019.

Overview: In the early stage of the scheme design, CONFIRMWARE communicated closely with the clients, conducted field investigation on the site, analyzed and formulated customized schemes that adapt to the conditions of STO Express warehouse site, meet the requirements of cost reduction and efficiency increase and save labor-related demands. In the scheme design, CONFIRMWARE adopts the mode of swing arm + large chute to improve the sorting efficiency; In order to reduce that coarse division links, an chute reuse mode is adopted; The software features customized visual logistics information management interface for the clients, so as to improve the operation convenience and save the working time; Finally, the schemes have fully met the requirements of  sorting operation for STO Express logistics warehouse.

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