Wheel Sorter Getting Your Goods Delivered In Time

Our wheel sorter solution is perfect for intelligent distribution centers of spare parts, logistics providers, service providers and 3PL services.

  • Accommodate cases, cartons, totes or trays
  • Capable of sorting 60 to 120 cartons per minute
  •  4 rows of wheels turn in the forward directions
  •  High speed steering transmission technology
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Wheel Sorter

Highlights of ConfirmWare Wheel Sorter

  • S04 icon Fast Sorting

    Fast Sorting

    Our wheel sorter fulfills up to 7200 parcels/hour, helping to deal with high volume sorting tasks.

  • S04 icon Accurate Sorting

    Accurate Sorting

    Sorting all goods to exactly the right destinations, the error rate is controlled under 0.01%.

  • S04 icon Soft Handling

    Soft Handling

    The steering technology handles all parcels gently and avoids unneccessary vibrations.

  • S04 icon Scalable


    The wheel sorter adopts and allows total customization on length and width to fit future growth.

  • S04 icon Low Noise

    Low Noise

    compact and the noise is controlled lower than 70db.

  • S04 icon Higher Load Weight

    Higher Load Weight

    Built to carry a heavier workload, the wheel sorter is able to take packages up to 60kg/m.

  • S04 icon Budget Friendly


    The wheel sort is less costly than a shoe sorter, enabling you to start small and efficient.

  • S04 icon Less Manpower Needed

    Less Manpower Needed

    The automation level can be designed to fit your needs and cut down the labor cost.

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Versatile For Industries and Specifications

The oblique balance wheel sorter is mainly composed of conveying rollers, synchronous steering controller, transmission gear and machine frame. The 360-degree balance wheel steering mechanism can control the steering of objects at any angle, highly flexible.

According to the different forms of balance wheels, the sorter can be applied to different sorting scenarios, such as heavy cargo oblique balance wheel sorting and jacking oblique balance wheel sorting.

Highly compatible, the sorter can support the sorting of parcels at a weight of 60kg. It’s often used to the diverging, converging, integration, rotation, split conveying during parcel sorting, also applicable to the sorting of large special-shaped items.

Customize For Your Industry
Wheel Sorter detail

Technical Parameter

Dimensions  of Goods Max:1000*800*800,60kg; Min: 200*200*5,200g  Customizable
Operating Speed 1-2m/s
Sorting Capacity 3600-7200 parcels/hour
steering Angle 30°,45°,60°,90°

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