Factory Competency In Manufacturing

Like a well-oiled machine, our 25,000m2 intelligent production workshop handles the manufacturing process with real-time monitoring and strict management systems. With these factors in place, we ensure you that all equipment orders are completed and delivered to your facility right on schedule.

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6S Management System For Lean Manufacturing

To facilitate the seamless manufacturing of machinery, all materials are carefully selected using a strict management system. Apart from material quality, the quantity is also monitored to ensure adequate stocks at all times. Workshops are kept clean and orderly, making every step in the building process smooth and quick.

Smart Workshops

Specialized smart workshops are set up for each section of the assembly process, optimized for maximum production. These workshops are utilized by our R&D engineers in building parts needed for the production line, resulting in a smooth and efficient assembly, helping to ensure on-time delivery.

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    CNC Machining Center


Smart Manufacturing Procedures

Building quality machines and lines is a complicated project. In our factory, SOP is made for every assembly step.

Besides, our manufacturing procedures feature a high degree of intelligence, making the machine more reliable.

Smart Team of Technicians

Each of our technicians enjoys vast experience in assembling the lines. From a tiny screw to the major components, our technician will follow the SOP to safeguard the performance of your machinery.

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Quality Control For Machine Performance

ConfirmWare applies the highest standards in providing the best photovoltaic module solutions in the market.

Adhering to ISO 9001 quality systems, we employ strict quality checks in both the supply chain and material used in our machinery. Samples are also inspected to ensure they are consistent with batch manual requirements.

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Warehouse of Finished Machines

Every machine is protected with care and caution.

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