Cross Belt Sorter

Cross belt sorting system is a highly flexible, functionally stable, and highly reliable cross belt sorting system. It’s composed of the belt conveyor, loading platform, sorting carrier, code reading and weighing system, coding system, and bagging system. It has been widely used in large-batch parcel conveying and sorting over long hours, often seen in warehousing and express centers.

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Our Cross Belt Sorter

  • Twin Cell Cross Belt Sorter
  • Circular Cross Belt Sorting System

Twin Cell Cross Belt Sorter

The twin cell cross belt sorter is an upgrade product based on the need for mixed sorting of large and small packages, and the size of the sorting package can be increased from 400*600*400mm to 800*600*400mm.

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Circular Cross Belt Sorting System

  • Running Speed: 2.5m/s
  • Sorting Capacity: 12,000-18000 pcs/hour for single layer single zone
  • Noise: <70db
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Highlights of ConfirmWare Cross Belt Sorter

  • S05 icon High Sorting Efficiency

    High Sorting Efficiency

    Running speed up to 2.5m/s

  • S05 icon Wide Handling Capacity

    Wide Handling Capacity

    handle up to 18,000 pcs/h for single layer single zone

  • S05 icon Accurate Sorting

    Accurate Sorting

    Error rate under 0.01%

  • S05 icon Seamless Integration

    Seamless Integration

    Our new system can be seamlessly integrated into your existing lines or sorting equipment.

  • S05 icon Gentle Material Handling

    Gentle Material Handling

    Adopting the non-contact sorting technology, your goods on the sorter will stay safe and sound.

  • S05 icon Modular Design

    Modular Design

    Modular in design, our cross belt sorter features high flexibility in installation and expansion.

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Workflow of Our Cross Belt Sortation System

  • Uploading and Conveying
  • Reading Code and Tracking
  • Sorting
  • Collecting
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Uploading and Conveying

Articles are set one by one onto the loading conveyor and then scanned and weighted.

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Reading Code and Tracking

After scanning and weighing, the parameters of the package are corrected through high-precision light curtain measurement and 3/4-servo control, and the package is accurately loaded to the center position of the carrier.

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According to the barcode information obtained by scanning the code, the parcel will be sorted to the right destination.

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When a container becomes full, the indicator light turns red and emits a buzzer. Hang the new container on the pole, and make sure that the chute number corresponds to the container number.

Widely used in all kinds of logistics sorting places

Cross belt sorter works perfectly for various industries including parcel express, postal, e-commerce, warehousing, etc. It can sort packages of different sizes.

  • • books
  • • containers
  • • shoe boxes
  • • parcels
  • • envelopes, documents
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