Cross Belt Sorter Engineered for Optimum Efficiency

ConfirmWare cross belt sorter is designed for sorting all kinds of goods with reduced manpower, ideally suited for operations in areas with limited space or challenging layouts.

Our cross belt systems include linear cross belt sorter and loop type cross belt sorter. Whether you are seeking a solution for your sorting center or Ecommerce supply chain, we can offer the plan that competes and wins.

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Single Layer Cross Belt Sorter

Our Cross Belt Sorter

  • Loop Type Cross Belt Sorter
Loop Type Cross Belt Sorter 1

Loop Type Cross Belt Sorter

  • Running Speed: 2.5m/s~3m/s
  • Sorting Speed: 12,000-18000 pcs/hour for single layer single zone
  • Error Rate: <0.1%
  • Noise: <70db
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Highlights of ConfirmWare Cross Belt Sorter

  • S05 icon High Sorting Efficiency

    High Sorting Efficiency

    Our linear cross belt sorter can run at a speed up to 1.5m/s, , while the loop type reaches 3m/s.

  • S05 icon Wide Handling Capacity

    Wide Handling Capacity

    Our linear cross belt sorter handles more than 7500 packages/h, while the loop type reaches 18,000 packages/h for single layer single zone.

  • S05 icon Accurate Sorting

    Accurate Sorting

    Error rate controlled under 0.01% to sort parcels to the exact right chutes and destinations.

  • S05 icon Seamless Integration

    Seamless Integration

    Our new system can be seamlessly integrated into your existing lines or sorting equipment.

  • S05 icon Gentle Material Handling

    Gentle Material Handling

    Adopting the non-contact sorting technology, your goods on the sorter will stay safe and sound.

  • S05 icon Modular Design

    Modular Design

    Modular in design, our cross belt sorter features high flexibility in installation and expansion.

  • S05 icon Scalability


    Modular design makes it easy to change the width or length, being highly adaptable to future growth.

  • S05 icon Space Saving


    Despite your complex layout, our solution will be made to maximize the usage of your space.

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Workflow of Our Cross Belt Sortation System

  • Uploading and Conveying
  • Reading, Coding and Tracking
  • Sorting
  • Discharging & Collecting
S05 Uploading and Conveying

Uploading and Conveying

Articles are set one by one onto the loading conveyor manually (or by incorporating a loading unit option, group-loading becomes possible).

Reading Coding and Tracking

Reading, Coding and Tracking

Our system integrated with OCR automatic code-sweeping technology recognizes linear and 2D barcodes.

Sorting 2 1


Regardless of the parcel size, origin or destination, the parcel will be sorted to the right destination through safe transfer.

S05 Discharging Collecting 1

Parcel Discharging and Collecting

When a container becomes full, your operator needs to ship it away and supply the discharge station with an empty container.

Versatile For Industries and Specifications

Cross belt sorter works perfectly for various industries including parcel courier, postal, health & beauty, entertainment, electronics, retail, clothing & apparel, and E-Commerce.

  • • mail items
  • • books
  • • containers
  • • boxes
  • • parcels
  • • bundles of letters
  • • mailing bags
Customize For Your Industry
loop Cross Belt Sorting System 1

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