A distribution center in Jinhua

Abstract: At the beginning of November 2019, CONFIRMWARE cross belt sorter was put into use for China Post(Jinhua), which is configured as follows: Number of Loading platform: 12; Number of chutes: 332; Number of trays: 296; Length of circular line: 177.6 meters, and the accumulative processing capacity during the week of Double-11 period reached 1.36 million packages.

Overview: China Post(Jinhua) demands clearly the need to save the site and cost and realize the function of receiving and collecting incoming items. Saving the site area will bring great test to the layout in the design process. After the field survey by CONFIRMWARE, the package loading platform is symmetrically arranged in that scheme design to save the length of the site and the circular line. In addition, a large chute is adopted instead of that bucket machine to realize the same function effect, so as to reduce the investment cost of the client. According to the receiving and collecting function required by the client, the integrated software for receiving, sending and sorting is developed separately, which improves the efficiency. The integrated software for receiving, sending and sorting adopted for the first time in the postal project reflects the strength of CONFIRMWARE in technical research and development, and has successfully upended the original business mode of the postal service, simplified the process, saved the labor cost, and won favorable comments and recognition from the postal service.

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