Warranty Period:

Guarantee Range:

In the warranty period, the seller provide the buyer timely repairing service and necessary spare parts for free. The specific response time shall be implemented in accordance with the standards stipulated in the contract.

Warranty Scope exclude:

  • 1. Buyer’s improper operation;
  • 2. Losses cause by buyer in terms of replacing, changing or disassembling and modifying of the equipment without approval of the seller, non quality reason ;
  • 3. Usage of replacement parts come from suppliers not authenticated by the seller;
  • 4.Damage to the appearance or interior of equipment caused by excessive storage time;
  • 5. Damage due to human factors or reasonable consumable parts .

24-Hour Response
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ConfirmWare is known as a high-tech enterprise, as well as a service company.

Our service team follows up your project from the very beginning until the warranty period expires. Yet our service doesn't stop. We are always at your service whenever you need us.

Whether it is machine functioning problem, spare parts replacement, or a routine inspection, feel free to contact us for instant feedback and in-time solution.


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