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The most critical figure in the entire production line — tabber and stringer machines attaches and solders ribbons on the photovoltaic cells IBC, MBB, and various busbars, ensuring that the cells are aligned and function properly on the completed photovoltaic module.

ConfirmWare’s  stringer setup uses IR soldering method,and the welding section is equipped with temperature control system to achieve closed-loop temperature control; Ensure consistent temperature in welding area to reduce risk of thermal shock, fracture and crack. The Ultra high speed MBB cell stringer is capable of manufacturing up to 7200 pcs/h, with a Yield of string ≥97%. It is also expandable, allowing for string visual inspection, MES system docking , etc

Our Products

  • 划焊ALS70A 002 scaled e

    Ultrahigh Speed MBB Cell Stringer with Inline NDC

    7200 half-cell/hour, compatible with 156-230mm half-cell, 210-230mm 1/3 or 1/4 cut, 120-200μm, 9-20BB cell.

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  • AMS60A 02 scaled e

    Ultra High Speed MBB Cell Stringer

    7200 half-cell/hour, compatible with 156-210mm, 210-230mm 1/3 or 1/4 cut, 9-20BB.

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  •  AMS L4000 II scaled e

    MBB Cell stringer

    PERC 9-12BB ≥3400 half-cell/hour; HJT, TOPCON, 9-20BB ≥2600 half-cell/hour.

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Enabling Faster, Easier and More Stable Solar Panel Making

  • S04 icon Fast Changeover Time

    Higher Compatibility

    Competent in dealing with cells of different technologies and sizes.

  • S04 icon Faster Welding Speed

    Faster Soldering Speed

    Soldering up to 6500 cells/h and boosting the whole line's productivity.

  • S04 icon High Welding Accuracy

    Fast Changeover Time

    Easily reconfigured to fit various widths of ribbon within 4 hours.

  • S04 icon Higher Compatibility

    Stable Soldering Performance

    Adopting infrared heating technology to reduce thermal shock.

  • S04 icon Lower Breakage Rate

    High Soldering Accuracy

    Center line of ribbon away from center line of cell busbar ±0.4mm.

  • S04 icon Stable Welding Performance

    Lower Breakage Rate

    Reduced thermal shock to control breakage rate as low as 0.2%.

Leads the Way of Stringer Machine

With over 9 years of experience in the field of designing and manufacturing stringers, ConfirmWare’s expert designers are capable of providing the perfect stringer machines that perform at its best.

Stringer machines built in our warehouse go through quality checks to ensure precision and consistent output you can rely on. Over the years, our machines have been known the world over, providing photovoltaic production solutions to well-known solar providers.

划焊ALS70A 002 scaled e

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