The Life-Long Learner, and Entrepreneur.

Mr. Ren Tianting, Chairman of The Board of Director of ConfirmWare

In July 1994, graduated from Tsinghua University in Department of Electrical engineering and Applied Electronic Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering.

In May 1997, graduated from the Clarkson University (University Clarkson) in Electrical Engineering Department with a Master's Degree of Science.

The Devotion To Automation Ever Since 1997

In June 1997 to March 2005, working in the American New Hampshire Scherr, Hopesun company (Hypertherm Inc., Hanover, New Hampshire 03755, U.S.A.). Acted as an electrical engineer, senior electrical engineer, and technical manager. During his presidency, he achieved 2 American patents of invention in 2000 and 2002 respectively.

In April 2005, he returned to China and found Hangzhou ConfirmWare Technology Co., Ltd. Under his leadership, our team successfully invented full-automatic computer glove machine controller, full automatic computerized flat knitting machine controller, stepping motor driver and more renowned projects such as our solar panel manufacturing lines, sortation systems.


We Give Back To The Society

Since 2005, Mr. Ren has been leading ConfirmWare in moving automation production forward.

I am so proud that our team has always been applying what we have learned in our past years of studying and working. The automation technology is just beneficial to everyone.

We have made it possible in PV module manufacturing industry and offered solutions to solar panel manufacturers. And our exploration in the logistics industry in recent years has once again proven our competence in automation technology.

I am so convinced that the team of ConfirmWare would continue to innovate as always. It is their effort that sets ConfirmWare in front of our fellows. And it is their joint hands that propel our steps of building a stronger "Intelligence China".

From Ren Tianting.

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