ConfirmWare Solar Panel Making Machines

ConfirmWare is a leading and trusted provider of automatic machinery for solar panel production lines for local and international manufacturers. All equipment is optimized to perform the intended task with guaranteed precision, and calibrated using state-of-the-art tools.

All PV module making machines from ConfirmWare are customizable and easily adjustable, able to work with full cells or half cells whenever needed. This adjustable nature of the line allows for optimal production and lower production costs, saving the need to purchase another setup.

Our Products

  • ulc

    Non-destructive Cell Cutting Machine

    Capacity:3600 pcs/h or 7500 pcs/h optinal;156-230mm,150-200μm(Thickness),1/2 cut as standard, 1/3 cut is optional after upgrade

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  • Auto Bussing Machine

    Fast cycle ≤22s, good soldering effect, low breakage rate <0.2‰, yield rate>98%

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  • Auto Layup machine

    Auto Layup machine

    Cycle ≤ 5.5s/string,Yield rate≥99.8%,Positioning accuracy ≤ ±0.8mm

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  • glass

    Auto Glass Loader

    Cycle ≤28S/Pcs. (including paper gripping),Yield ≥99.8%,Weight capacity:80kg

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  • Trimming

    Auto Trimming Machine

    The equipment is fully automated: Human operation is not needed.Cycle≤28s,Yield≥99.8%,Uptime≥95%

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  • Framing

    Auto Framing and Glue Dispensing Machine

    Cycle≤28s,Yield≥99%,Activation ≥95%

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  • Auto Manipulator

    Auto Manipulator for Curing Line

    Cycle≤24s,Weight capacity:50kg,Yield ≥99.9%,Activation ≥98%

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Perfect Machine-In-Line Coordination

If you are seeking a solution to boost your productivity plant-wide with an existing production line, ConfirmWare's individual equipment for solar panel making is a perfect choice. No need for worrying the in-line coordination, we will make sure that the machines from ConfirmWare works compatibly with all your equipment from other brands. Our ranges of solar panel making equipment are state-of-the-art and our software system is engineered to fit different production lines. Experienced engineers will take the responsibility of connecting the new machines to the existing line.

ConfirmWare - Solar Panel Making Machines Manufacturer

ConfirmWare has been the synonym for high performance solar panel manufacturing equipment in both China and all the other parts of the world. We have invested heavily in our researching and developing, aiming at bringing the most advanced technology to PV module manufacturing and benefiting all solar panel factories. Our machines and solutions with outstanding performance is the outcome of our dedicated team of engineers, stringent quality control in each stage of our manufacturing, and our full life service. Be a partner of ConfirmWare and benefit more!

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