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600MW PV Module Automated Production Line

ConfirmWare provides state-of-the-art and fully-automated production line solutions, scaled to fit any production with minimal human supervision.

Seamless integration of each section assures smooth and continuous construction of solar panels and modules. Its compact and flexible setup, on the other hand, allows the line to fit all factories with relative ease.

Keeping the entire operation consistent and secure is an intelligent detection and warning system. EL detection, Hi-Pot tester, IV, and other detection systems are in place to regulate every output. Monitor the production process with a seamless MES system, so you can check the flow anytime.

  • S03 icon 250MW Year


  • S03 icon 120 PCS Hour

    180 PCS/Hour

  • S03 icon 2880 PCS Day


  • S03 icon 350 Days Year

    300 Days/Year

  • S03 icon 16 Operators Line

    35 Operators/Line

  • S03 icon 114M 17M


Solutions You Need

ConfirmWare's dedicated team of engineers listen to your needs and produce the turnkey production lines that boosts your productivity and automation degree.

  • 450MW
  • 300MW
  • 150MW
250MW Turnkey Solar Panel Production Line

450MW Turnkey Solar Panel Production Line

  • Cycle: 135 PCS/hour
  • Operators: 31operators per shift
  • Floor Space: 4050 m²


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250MW Turnkey Solar Panel Production Line

300 MW Turnkey Solar Panel Production Line

  • Cycle: 90 PCS/hour
  • Operators: 28operators per shift
  • Floor Space: 3700m²
250MW Turnkey Solar Panel Production Line

150 MW Turnkey Solar Panel Production Line

  • Cycle: 45 PCS/hour
  • Operators: 25 operators per shift
  • Floor Space: 3050m²

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Full Processes of Solar Panel Manufacturing

Our turnkey PV module production lines are designed to reduce your footprints, with customizable all-in-one functions turning solar cells to solar panels.

  • 1Cell cutting
  • 2String Soldering
  • 3Layup
  • 4Busbar Soldering
  • 5Taping
  • 6EL and Visual Testing
  • 7Laminating
  • 8Trimming
  • 9Framing
  • 10Backsheet Gluing
  • 11Box Connecting
  • 12Curing
  • 13Cleaning
  • 14Hi-Pot Testing
  • 15IV Testing
  • 16EL and Visual Testing
  • 17Labeling
  • 18Angle wrapping
  • 19Sorting
  • Benefits of ConfirmWare Automated PV Module Production Solutions

  • S07 icon Standardized Workflow

    Standardized Workflow

    Making each step of your manufacturing visual, controllable and reliable.

  • S07 icon Wider Product Ranges

    Wider Product Ranges

    Big or small module, our lines are flexible to fit your various product needs.

  • S07 icon Reduced Labor Cost

    Reduced Labor Cost

    Highly automated turnkey lines help to cut down the headcounts in your plant.

  • S07 icon Optimized Output Quality

    Optimized Output Quality

    Ensured by a lower breakage rate from the beginning and in-process defect inspections.

  • S07 icon Boosted Productivity

    Boosted Productivity

    From machines to auxiliary equipment, we design the line to improve work efficiency.

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Quality Lines Ensures Your Quality Module

Backed by advanced R&D engineers and a 25000m² modern production workshop, ConfirmWare manufactures quality and reliable production lines. Machines for the production line are built with materials procured from strict supplier management and quality control methods. The combination of real-time monitoring during production and intensive QC after assures you of high-performance production lines that meet output expectations. Improve brand recognition and increase profit margins with consistent and reliable production lines from ConfirmWare.

ConfirmWare Known as an Experienced Solution Provider

For 9 years, ConfirmWare is trusted by established solar panel manufacturers from around the world as an experienced solution provider for photovoltaic panel production. Our team of expert R&D engineers and technicians follows strict guidelines in procuring materials and manufacturing to create world-class production lines. Top-of-the-line production lines guarantee seamless production, resulting in high-quality photovoltaic cells and modules. Comprehensive warranty and a responsive after-sales service also provide assurance that assistance does not end at installation.

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