Singulation System

The parcel singulation system mainly comprises an accumulation belt conveyor, divergence module, separation module, vision software system, and centering roller conveyor. It could realize seamless connection with various types of automatic sorting equipment. It is extensively used in automation of unloading, parcel infeeding, loading, and other processes in express courier, postal service, and e-commerce logistics sorting.

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单件分离 scaled

Technical Parameters

Specifications Parameters
Running Speed 1.5-2.2m/s
Processing Capacity 6,000 PPH
Separation success rate ≥99%
Dimension Range of Goods L150mm*W150mm*H50mm-L1200mm*W800mm*H600 mm
Weight Range of Goods 40g-60kgs
Equipment dimension L6000mm*W1650mm*H750mm
Operation Noise ≤75dB