Automated Put Wall

The Put Wall is a 3D sorting system with high space utilization, flexible configuration, and strong scalability. It is primarily designed for ultra-dense, high-flow, and continuous batch sorting of medium-sized items, which is suitable for scenarios such as multi-order picking, batch sorting, regional distribution centers, store sorting, and processing return orders.

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  • S07 icon Manufacturing

    High efficiency

    Compared to traditional Put Walls, it offers a 2-3 times efficiency boost, ensuring the rapid and accurate completion of sorting tasks

  • S07 icon Designing

    Dual-point supply

    Supports both single-point and dual-point supply modes, doubling efficiency in dual-point supply

  • S07 icon Commissioning

    High scalability

    Multiple types of chute arrangement plans can be customized in terms of quantity, size, and type, providing personalized matching for various scenarios

  • S07 icon After Sales

    Easy installation

    Simple installation and commissioning, with a minimum installation time of only 1 week before being ready for operation

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Technical Parameters

Running Speed

Sorting Capacity(Single Area)

6000 PPH

Max. Goods Weight

Max. Goods Size


Supply Point Quantity

1-4 units
Chute Layer

3-5 Layers

Scanning Method


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