Automated Put Wall

The Put Wall is a 3D sorting system with high space utilization, flexible configuration, and strong scalability. It is primarily designed for ultra-dense, high-flow, and continuous batch sorting of medium-sized items, which is suitable for scenarios such as multi-order picking, batch sorting, regional distribution centers, store sorting, and processing return orders.

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  • S07 icon Manufacturing

    Effcient Sorting, Easy scalability

    Efhcient sorting system with 3D sorting, compact structure, and 2-3 times higher capacity compared to traditional methods. Modular design allows for flexible expansion based on sorting capacity requirements.

  • S07 icon Designing

    Diverse Unit Load specifications, High Adaptability

    Various specifcations and forms of unit loads adaptable to sorting multipleproduct types. Carrier quantity can be flexibly adjusted based on capacity reguirements.

  • S04 icon Versatile

    Stable Operation, Energy Efficiency

    Main drive powered by synchronous motor and unit load driven by servo motor for stable operation and energy efficiency.

  • S07 icon After Sales

    Flexible Chute Layout Solutions

    Flexible layout with movable box chutes for easy relocation and convenient switching. Confguration options including chute quantity, layers, size, and type tailored to various scenarios.

  • S04 icon Scalable 1

    Dual Point supply, Doubled Efficiency

    Supports single and dual-point supply modes, with dual-point supply doubling efficiency.

  • S07 icon Commissioning

    Simple installation and Commissioning

    Installation completed in as little as 1 week, sienifcantly reducing deployment time and accelerating retumn on investment.

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Technical Parameters

Running Speed

Sorting Capacity(Single Area)

≥8000 PPH

Max. Goods Weight

Max. Goods Size


Supply Point Quantity

1-4 units
Chute Layer

3-5 Layers

Scanning Method


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