A network point in shuyang

YTO Express(Shuyang) is its local chute in Shuyang. The cross belt sorter of CONFIRMWARE Logistics was officially put into use during the Double-11 period in 2019. In the early stage of the design of the cross belt sorter, the clients wanted the cross belt sorter to be connected to the rear end of the coarse division, and the unloading position for packaging conveyors to be reserved at the bottom of the circular cross belt sorting line, and the sorting efficiency should reach 30,000 packages / hour. In the scheme design by CONFIRMWARE, after the coarse division at front end, the packages are supplied by means of double-layer belt line + bucket machine, so as to ensure the package loading efficiency. The portal frame is separately customized in the area of package loading platform to reserve the unloading position for linear items. Finally, it designed the single-layer circular cross belt sorter was designed with the configuration as follows: Number of Loading platform: 18; Number of chutes: 280; Number of trays:288; Length of circular line: 172.8 meters. During the period of Double-11, the equipment maintained efficient and stable operation, and handled a total of 850,000 packages in a week, effectively curbing the overloading momentum of the surrounding chutes, which was highly recognized by the regional leaders of YTO Express.

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