Solar Panel Production Line

Our fully automated production line is responsible for building each bespoke PV panel on a turnkey basis, automating the entire process from scribing, welding, laying to labelling

Made from high-quality hardware and software, each machine in the turnkey production line is optimised to ensure consistent output quality and increased productivity, producing up to 160 panels per hour.

In addition, the automated production process requires less manpower to maintain, saving additional costs.

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Ultra High Speed MBB Cell Stringer of ConfirmWare

  • Compatible with 166-230mm half cell, 210-230mm 1/3 or 1/4 cut, 9-20BB. φ0.25-φ0.45mm round ribbon, customizable for ribbon flattening, shaped ribbon, segmented reflective ribbon, etc.
  • High efficiency:Staubli /DENSO four tracks for soldering, equipped with two sliding ways, two vertical clamping jaws and two tail clamps in order to ensure efficiency.
  • Precision control ensures the soldering quality.1200W high-definition vision camera + high-precision robot, position tolerance ≤ 0.1mm.
  • Tunnel lighting box + integral jig tooling, effectively reducing the risk of hidden cracks and debris caused by thermal shock, improving the overall soldering quality.

Needs-Based Production Solutions

ConfirmWare solution covers machine design, lay out design, installing, and commissioning of your plant of solar panel on the turn-key basis. Whatever we do, it is your needs that guide us. We will start designing and customizing only when we have all your information on hand:

  • Your solar cells to be processed
  • Expected annual productivity
  • Expected labor cut
  • Your budget on the project
Talk About Your Needs

Every Component Counts

We hold the philosophy that quality of each component builds up the quality of the machine and the whole line.

To deliver a solar panal making machine or a solar panel production line that performs, we take special care to quality control in each stage:

  • Considerate and needs-oriented designing
  • Components selected from only branded suppliers
  • Full inspection on each function before shipment
Our Quality Standards
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We are at your side in each stage of building your solar panel factory and production lines.

  • S07 icon Consulting


    Express your needs on solar panel producing, we will create your custom automation equipment.

  • S05 icon Modular Design


    Our professional design team will work on designing the perfect equipment based on your specifications.

  • S07 icon Manufacturing


    The design is translated into a complete product with tests to ensure quality and durability.

  • S07 icon Commissioning


    Our team of engineers will work with you for installation, start-up and commissioning.

  • S07 icon After Sales


    We offer you remote support or on-site diagnosis to solve your problems in the timely manner.

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