Dimensioning Weighing Scanning (DWS) System

The DWS system has adopted HD intelligent code reader and line laser 3D camera from Hikvision and other leading brands, and dynamic weighing module to quickly complete real-time collection, binding and merged output of parcel barcode, weight and dimension data.

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DWS System


  • S04 icon Fast Changeover Time

    Real-time Information uploading

    Dimensioning, weighing and barcode data collection during the conveying of goods without pause.

  • S07 icon Standardized Workflow

    No Pause Collecting

    Connectable with conveying equipment and sorting equipment for fully-automatic conveying and sorting.

  • S05 icon Seamless Integration

    Fully-automatic Conveying and Sorting

    The information of goods can be scanned and uploaded, generating high accuracy, facilitating monitoring and tracing.

  • S04 icon Fast Sorting

    Emergency Stop and Warning

    It’s designed with automatic detection, emergency stop and warning of special-shaped parcels and overweight/ultra-long parcels to ensure normal operation of the conveying line.

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DWS System infomation

Trucking & Scanning System:

The barcode data from automatic barcode recognition by industrial cameras can be bound with truck information to realize automatic trucking of large parcels.

High Accuracy Fast Weigher:

It’s applicable for weighing of international small parcels with a weighing accuracy up to ± 1g, offering an actual efficiency of 1,600 to 1,900 parcels/hour.

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DWS data 2

Technical parameters

Technical parameters DWS Manual
Decoding System Code128, Code39
Max operating Capacity 3.000 Parcels/Hour 1,000 Parcels/Hour
Weight Measuring Accuracy ±40g Affected by individuals
Image Uploading Yes No
Dimension Measuring Accuracy ±5mm Affected by individuals

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