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Incorporated Only Quality and Branded Components

From designing to purchasing, we use components from world-famous brands for high reliability, stable performance and convenient after-sales service.


Suppliers of Components for PV module making machines

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Suppliers of Components for intelligence sorting systems

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Incoming Quality Control

  • Dimension & Tolerance Tests
  • Hardness Test
  • Insulation & High-Voltage Tests
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Dimensions & Tolerance Test

All parts purchased from other suppliers or manufactured within our own factory shall stand the test to make sure they fit our machine configurations exactly.

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Hardness Test

Steel with the indicated hardness ensures the performance of a machine. Only the qualified steel will be sent to the welding workshop.

s04-img-insulation & high-voltage tests

Insulation & High-Voltage Tests

All the electric parts used in the electric engineering process shall stand the test to make sure safe and sound functioning.

In-Process Management

The SOP in each of our assembly step guides us and contributes to building up a high quality machine. Our inspections in the overall process include but not limited to the following:

  • • Dimensions tests
  • • Ground continuity test
  • • Strain relief test
  • • Torque test
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Finished Machinery Inspections

Be it PV module manufacturing equipment or sortation systems, our tests include the major tests listed below but not limited to:

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    Chassis Balance Testing

    Checking if the key components are assembled in balance.

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    Electrical Testing

    Ensuring the electrical components are arrayed correctly, neatly, and firmly.

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    No-load Testing

    Run up at a high speed to check there is no abnormal noise or loosely connected components.

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    Endurance Testing

    A continuous operation lasts 24 hours to guarantee all modules, parts and components work well.

Detail-Focused Visual Inspections

The appearance inspection is done to ensure there is no scratch, color deviation, deforming, or seam.

We inspect every silk printed logo on the machine chassis, so as to maintain the right letter, position, firmness and the quality of silk print.

Additional inspections include the cleanness inspection to remove any raw edge or fur; assembly inspection to check if all parts are fastened; and an overall inspection to make sure all accessories are included in the package.


360° Protection

A finished machine is not the end of our pursuit of delivering high quality to you. To protect your machine during the shipment, we use wood box with striking signs indicating cautious carrying and lifting.

By doing so, we can guarantee that the machine arrives in your plant are in the sound state and are ready for installation and commissioning.

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