Customize Your Solar Panel Factory From Concept To Complection

Our 5-step customization satisfies all your needs.

  • Step 1: Your Specialized Solar Panel
  • Step 2: Your Annual Productivity
  • Step 3: Your Manufacturing Processes
  • Step 4: Your Automation Degree

Decide on your type of solar panel

  • Cell type:156-230mm,5BB-15BB,supports cell technologies such as PERC/HJT/TopCon
  • Module size:half-cell 120/144 module,210mm 1/3 cut cell module,regular/double glass
  • Moudle size: length: (1630-2600)mm,width: (950-1450)mm

Decide on your annual productivity

  • Panels per hour
  • Operating hours per day
  • Operating days per year
  • Major panel size
  • Annual solar panel output

Your manufacturing processes

Whether you want to make the production line specialized for the forepart or the whole processes manufacturing, we can come up with the right solution for you.


Your Automation Level

How much labor cost would you like to cut? Or how would you like to run your factory with the help of industrial robotics? Our solution designs and caters to your need for the estimated manpower for you.


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Customize Your Sorting Center

The whole customizing project is comprehensive, but what you need to do is simple.


Step 1: Specify Your Industry

Sorting tasks vary from one industry to another in terms of package types, volume, and seasonal changes.

Our service capacity expands beyond the following industries:

  • • Sorting center
  • • E-Commerce
  • • Fashion Retail
  • • Food/FMCG
  • • Courier Express Postal
  • • Pharmaceuticals
  • • Spare Part Distribution

Step 2: Tell The Sorting Volume

Your sorting volume greatly influences our process of designing the system. We need the information on hand before we can come up with a solution that suits you.

  • • Package volume every day
  • • Sorting efficiency on an hourly basis
  • • Seasonal change of the package number

Step 3: Offer The Complex Layout Of Your Site

The complex layout directly affects the layout of your system. In this process, our engineers flexibly alter the machine dimensions as well as the electronic components to fit your site.

Breaking the plant area restrictions and utilizing every square, your sorting system can be planned to the highest efficiency and in the most energy-saving running way.

Customize Your Solar Panel Factory Now!

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Our Engineering Process

Upon confirmation on your custom project, our in-house engineering team with complete capacity work in turn to take every step forward flawlessly.

  • 1Project Setting Up
  • 2Requirement Investigation
  • 3Requirement Analysis
  • 4Requirement Demonstration
  • 5Mechanical Engineering
  • 6Electric Engineering
  • 7Information Engineering
  • 8Plan Designing