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AMS60A 02 scaled e

Ultra High Speed MBB Cell Stringer

  • Compatible with 166-230mm half cell, 210-230mm 1/3 or 1/4 cut, 9BB-20BB.
  • Vertical clamping jaws with integral tooling + innovative tail clamps design, ensuring the consistency of the traction and laying of the soldering tape, strict control of the front and back side of the offset.
  • 1200W high-definition vision camera + high-precision robot, position tolerance ≤ 0.1mm.
  • Self-developed special thermostat, with the advantages of stable output and high control accuracy, PID control, to ensure the consistency of the temperature in the soldering light box, effectively avoid false soldering and over-soldering.
  • Tunnel lighting box + integral jig tooling, effectively reducing the risk of hidden cracks and debris caused by thermal shock, improving the overall soldering quality.
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Auto Bussing Machine

  • Confirmware Auto Bussing Machine: ABM20A are applied to solder the bussing ribbons during solar module manufacturing.
  • The equipment has the function of alignment, whole busbar welding and semi-busbar welding.
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High-speed linear sorter

Linear sorter is a new type of sorting equipment with high site utilization and simple installation and debugging. It is especially suitable for logistics sites with small area and high sorting efficiency.

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仓内拣选系统 1

Warehouse Sorting System

The warehouse sorting system comprises an infeeding system, a tilt-tray sorting system, and a conveying and transferring system. It is mainly used in e-commerce and factories which have orders with multi-product or merged orders.

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  • AMS60A 02 scaled e
  • AMB20A 002 scaled e
  • 单层直线分拣机
  • 仓内拣选系统 1

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With over 15 years of experience in the industry, ConfirmWare prides itself as being a high-tech equipment manufacturing company.

Company founder Ren Tianting completed a Master’s Degree in Science in the US in 1997. He then honed his craft until 2005, achieving American patents along the way. His experience pushes to the company’s commitment to automation technology to the next level.

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With the increasing cost of the labor force, our insight is to replace human force with high-end intelligent machinery applying the latest technology, contributing our own strength to the overall strategy that aims at substituting machines for manual.

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