Tilt Tray Sorter Sorting The Most Diversified Items

The core advantage of a Tilt Tray Sorter is to steadily and reliably handle parcels of various sizes and shapes, such as plastic bags, special-shaped items of irregular packages, mails, books and periodicals. Not pressing the parcels during conveying and sorting, the sorter has little damage to the goods.

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Highlights of ConfirmWare Tilt-Tray Sorter

  • S04 icon Versatile


    Our tilt tray sorter sorts more types of packages than all other sorters.

  • S04 icon Sorting Accurately

    Sorting Accurately

    The items can be discharged either side to their right destination.

  • S04 icon Easy For Installation

    Easy For Installation

    The modular design with fewer moving parts takes a shorter period for installation.

  • S04 icon Quiet Sorting

    Quiet Sorting

    Compared to other sorters, a tilt tray sorter features the lowest noise level.

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Technical Parameter

Operating Speed 1m/s
Sorting Capacity 7200PPH
Weight Range of Goods 0-5kg
Dimensions Range of Goods 100mm*60mm*1mm-500mm*400mm*400mm
Cart Pitch 508mm
Cart Size 400mm*500mm
Opening Width 750mm/1000mm
Misclassification rate ≤0.03%
Operation Noise <70dB

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