Tilt Tray Sorter Sorting The Most Diversified Items

The core advantage of a Tilt Tray Sorter is to steadily and reliably handle parcels of various sizes and shapes, such as plastic bags, special-shaped items of irregular packages, mails, books and periodicals. Not pressing the parcels during conveying and sorting, the sorter has little damage to the goods. The tray size can be customized as per the goods.

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Tilt Tray Sorter

Highlights of ConfirmWare Tilt-Tray Sorter

  • S04 icon Versatile


    Our tilt tray sorter sorts more types of packages than all other sorters.

  • S04 icon High Rate of Speed

    High Rate of Speed

    Proven sorting speed at 12,000-18,000 items/hour, the tilt tray handles heavy load.

  • S04 icon Sorting Accurately

    Sorting Accurately

    The items can be discharged either side to their right destination.

  • S04 icon Wider Range of Packages

    Wider Range of Packages

    The tilt tray sorter accommodates longer products by putting it on 2 trays

  • S04 icon Easy For Installation

    Easy For Installation

    The modular design with fewer moving parts takes a shorter period for installation.

  • S04 icon Scalable 1


    The modular and compact design brings also easy future expansion.

  • S04 icon Quiet Sorting

    Quiet Sorting

    Compared to other sorters, a tilt tray sorter features the lowest noise level.

  • S04 icon Low Maintainance

    Low Maintainance

    With fewer moving parts on the tilt tray sorter, it is easier to maintain.

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Workflow of A Tilt Tray Sorter

  • Uploading and Conveying
  • Reading, Coding and Tracking
  • Tilting
  • Collecting
Uploading Conveying

Uploading & Conveying

Each product, regardless of its shape and size, is placed manually, onto trays of the sorter. Then the passing conveyor system moves it towards its destination down the line.

Reading Coding and Tracking 1

Reading, Coding and Tracking

As the items reach the coding station in the process of moving along the belt, the quick scan on its barcode determines its sort destination in advance. The items will then be transferred by the tilt tray moving belt, heading for its chute for discharging.



When the tray with an item approaches its targeted chute, the tray is tilted to slide the object into the chute with the help of gravity. The empty tray then returns to the load section before it is loaded again with a new object.



After being tilted to the container, the items are done with their sorting journey. Then the operator collects them near the destinations attached on one or both sides of the sorter. The chutes are designed close so 1 operator is enough to handle the collecting load of multiple chutes.

Versatile For Industries and Specifications

The Tilt Tray Sorter is designed with two models: single-tray tilt sorting and double-tray tilt sorting. Besides, different tray sizes are designed to different application scenarios.

The small parcel split tray sorter offers the advantages of low space usage and relatively low price, applicable to E-commerce warehouses and sorting centers with a medium throughput. Large parcel split tray sorters have been widely used in luggage sorting of airports.

Customize For Your Industry
Tilt Tray Sorter detail

Technical Parameter

Tray Cart Pitch 600mm
Weight Range of Goods 0.1-5kg
Opening Width strandard Model:750mm,Customizable for non-standard models
Number of Openings Customizable
Circle Line Height >2.6m
Track Material 3mm Metal Plate
Operating Speed 1.0m/s-1.5m/s
Drive Mode linear motor
Max Dimension of goods 460*460*400mm
Overall Sorting Capacity 14400-18000 Parcels/Hour for Single Layer Single Zone Dependent on Operating Speed
Scanning Mode Front Scanning/Online Scanning
Resetting Mode Centralized Reset
Code Reader HikVISION Intelligent Code Reading Camera for standard confuguration,VITRONIC/SICK for High Configurations
Operation Noise <72db

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