Auto Bussing Machine

Auto bussing machine is one automatic machine which is used for the welding of buss bar and interconnection in solar module production.

156-230mm, 5BB-20BB, half-cell/full-cell bus bar soldering;

For cells of the same specification, changing the number of bus bar and bus bar spacing does not require replacing the soldering head.

The Soldering head boasts integrated linear design, characterized by high integration, simple welding junction and convenient installation;

Supports secondary correction, and equipped with a vision system to ensure the consistency of output string spacing;

The intelligent equipment control system, which supports one-touch operation, makes it easy and quick to carry out function setting and fault handling;

It can be upgraded for bus bar bypass lead bonding.

Technical Paraeter

Model ABM20A
Cycle 20s/module
Module conveying height 980±30mm
Glass size Length1630-2600mm,Width 950-1450mm
Adjustable string spacing 2-6mm
Bus bar size 4-8mm (width), 0.2-0.4mm (thickness),

Roll feed (the parts need to be replaced to adjust the width)

Material plate size Inner φ16mm-φ25mm, outer φ≤200mm
Soldering method Magnetic
Automatic correction accuracy range ≤±1mm
Secondary string sorting accuracy ≤±0.5mm
Power source AC380V±5%V,50Hz,3P+1N+1PE
Power Operating power 20kW, peak power 40kW
Air source 0.6-0.8MPa
Air consumption 2000L/min
N.W. 5000kg
Dimensions L5050mm*W5050mm* H2500mm

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