• AMB20A 002 scaled e
  • AMB20A 002 scaled e

Auto Bussing Machine

The soldering head adopts integrated linear design so it has the advantages of high integration and convenient installation; it also has high positioning accuracy with cell secondary correction junction;
For cells of the same specification, changing the number of busbar and bus bar spacing does not require replacing the soldering head;
It supports busbar ribbon punching, black busbar soldering, can be upgraded to 10-string single bypass, and 12-string double bypass soldering capability.

Technical Paraeter

Model ABM20A
Cycle 16s/module
Module conveying height 980±30mm
Cell size 156-230mm, 5-20BB, 1/2, 1/3 cell
Glass size L1630-2600mm, W986-1450mm
Adjustable string spacing 2-6mm
Bus bar size 4-8mm (width), 0.2-0.4mm (thickness), roll feed (replace parts for different widths)
Material plate size Innerφ16mm-φ25mm, outer≤φ200mm
Soldering method Electromagnetic soldering
Automatic correction accuracy range ≤±1mm
Secondary string sorting accuracy ≤±0.5mm
Power Rated power 20kW, peak power 40kW
Air consumption 0.6-0.8MPa, 2000L/min
N.W. 5000kgs
Dimensions L5050mm*W5050mm*H2500mm

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