Directly tackles the sorting pain point of small and medium scale clients | Confirmware launches High Speed Linear Cross Belt Sorter

Circular Cross Belt Sorter is currently the fastest and most widely used automated sorting equipment. Because of its high efficiency and high input-output ratio, it has been widely used in large express delivery outlets, distribution centers and e-commerce platforms.

However, apart from this, there are a large number of small and medium scale outlets or warehouses, which are not suitable for sorting with traditional circular cross belt sorters due to restrictions on parcel volume and venue size, but the demand for automated sorting is becoming more and more urgent. For the above client groups, Confirmware has developed a high speed linear cross belt sorter to meet the needs of clients with a daily sorting volume of 10,000 to 50,000 parcels per day.

  • Small Footprint

Different from the horizontal loop run of the circular cross belt sorter, the sorting trolley of the high-speed linear cross-belt sorter runs circularly on the vertical track. The whole equipment is in the shape of a long straight

  • 10,000 PCS/hour High Speed Sorting

The running speed of the main line is adjustable from 1.2-1.8m/s, the sorting efficiency can reach 10,000 pcs/hour under full load, and the misclassification rate is as low as 0.01% (excluding problems such as irregular packaging and unclear barcodes).

  • Low Initial Investment and Labor Saving

The initial investment cost of the equipment is 100 thousand-200 thousand US dollars (for reference only, quoted according to the actual configuration), and the cost can be recovered in an average of 1-2 years. The more packages, the faster the return cost.

It saves labor in all sorting links, and only needs some personnel to carry out packaging and collection. The operation is simple and requires low professionalism of personnel, and the average labor cost is saved by more than 40%.

  • Flexible Configuration, Fast Delivery

We have a professional solution design team, which can customize the number of compartments and trolleys according to actual needs. For large packages, the dual-car linkage mode can be upgraded to realize mixed sorting of large and small package.

Standardize the production and installation process, and realize the ultra-short delivery process from the start of installation to the official production in 2 weeks.

For warehousing and logistics companies with express delivery and sorting needs , automated sorting equipment is undoubtedly a powerful tool to save labor and improve efficiency. However, for projects of different volumes and different types of goods, the suitable automatic sorting equipment solutions are also very particular. If the selection is not appropriate, it will cause problems such as unable to optimize labor and low return on equipment investment.

Confirmware adhering to the concept of "providing the most appropriate automatic sorting solution for every client with parcel sorting needs",  we have launched customized automatic sorting equipment system, with a sorting speed range of 3,600-100,000 pcs/hour , to meet the full coverage of sorting scenarios from small outlets to large sorting centers, while taking into account special needs such as large parcel sorting, special-shaped parts sorting, etc., and is committed to improving the equipment utilization rate and return on investment of each project to the best. , to provide clients with the most suitable products and services.

Confirmware Automatic Sorter Product System

Product Sorting Capacity Applicable Scene
Double-layer Circular Cross Belt Sorter Multi-zone design, up to 100,000 PCS/hour Large transfer center
Single-layer Circular Cross Belt Sorter Single layer and single area 12000-18000 PCS/hour Large outlets
Double-layer Linear Cross Belt Sorter 17000 PCS/hour Outlets or warehouses with smaller sites and larger shipments
High Speed Single Layer Linear Cross Belt Sorter 8000-12000 PCS/hour Outlets or warehouses with small sites and medium shipment volumes
Turnover Sorter 7200 PCS/hour Outlets or warehouses with irregular shapes and small shipments
Linear Rotary Sorter 3600 PCS/hour Small express outlets, e-commerce warehouses

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