Smart Accurate Efficient

  • S04 icon Wider Range of Packages

    Small floor area

  • S04 icon Scalable

    High sorting efficiency

  • S04 icon Less Manpower Needed

    Wide range of applications

  • S04 icon Fast Sorting

    Sorting Capacity 8500-10000 PPH

  • S07 icon Wider Product Ranges

    Running speed 1.2m/s-1.5m/s

The high-speed linear sorter consists of feeder, host, bar code scanner and discharge port. Packages are fed manually to the sorter. Then, the scanner scans bar code automatically to acquire the destination and the host delivers packages to corresponding discharge port to realize automatic delivery and sorting.


High-speed linear sorter

Small floor area and high sorting efficiency

With 3D annular design, the sorter has the advantage of small floor area and high sorting efficiency.

Scope of application

Express and e-commerce, especially applicable to small-area operation.

Type of package

Cases, boxes, packages, clothes and other articles.

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