Linear rotary sorter 

  • S05 icon Modular Design

    No-track operation

  • S04 icon Scalable 1

    Weight Range of items 0.1-5kg

  • S05 icon Scalability

    Chute Width 850mm

  • S04 icon Higher Compatibility

    Sorting Capacity ≥3600PPH

Dimension Range of items 60×50×10mm-700*420*420mm

Footprint=(Number of chutes/2*0.85m+7m) *2.2m

Running Speed 1.2m/s~1.5m/s

The equipment has the advantages of simple operation and low requirements for personnel, which can effectively improve the sorting efficiency and reduce the labor cost.

Linear rotary sorter 

Based on the innovative partial rotation design, the package delivery mode enables the carrier to run without track, effectively reduces the noise generating points, reduces the noise, and greatly improves the working environment.

Flexible configuration of chutes and carriers shall be carried out according to the customer’s site conditions and requirements. The standard equipment (30 chutes configuration) covers an area of only 20m*2.2m and a standard height of 1.35m. No auxiliary equipment is required, and the requirements on site floor height are low and site adaptability is strong

The installation of the equipment can be completed within one day by module; Modular structure, convenient maintenance, safe and reliable.

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